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Scott and LillaRyan Web Plus is a website design/hosting and graphic design/printing business operated by the husband-and-wife team of Scott and Lilla Ryan in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
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Scott is a writer, editor, software developer, and lawyer* who has worked in the publishing industry for over twenty years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in applied mathematics from Kent State University, a Master of Arts degree in mathematics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook (now Stony Brook University), and a Juris Doctor from the University of Akron School of Law.

Scott has been in the publishing industry since the late 1980s, when he worked as a freelance journalist for the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio (near his Niles birthplace). Shortly thereafter, he accepted a position as an abstracter/indexer at Predicasts, Inc., working primarily on its PROMT (PRedicasts Overview of Markets and Technology) and A/DM&T (Aerospace/Defense Markets and Technology) databases. Continuing his career in A&I (abstracting and indexing) and online secondary publishing, he eventually became Managing Editor at the Beachwood (Ohio) office of the former Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (now ProQuest), where he applied his software expertise to automate the office's entire editorial production stream in Python. When the Beachwood office was closed in a business consolidation, he moved on to become a software developer at a small company near Akron, where he mostly did web development in PHP/MySQL and HTML/JavaScript.

His writing and editing experience is quite varied. He has done a good deal of technical editing both in the course of his employment and as a freelancer. He is the author of a number of articles (published in e.g. Ohio Lawyer and the Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society) as well as of Objectivism and the Corruption of Rationality (freely available in electronic format here), a critical philosophical examination and evaluation of the epistemology of Ayn Rand. He is also a musician and songwriter whose current projects include Crooked Timber (with Rob Maloni) and Gaan (with Amit Sen). He is in the process of setting to music some of the poems written by his late grandfather Harold A. Pickett, who composed light verse under the nom de plume Slim Acres.

He also has a great deal of experience drafting and interpreting legal documents. His law degree includes a specialization in intellectual property, especially copyright, and in the course of his editorial work he has had many occasions to work with legal language on that subject (as well as with contracts and employment-related documents). For a few years he operated a light legal practice alongside his main employment, during which time he drafted various court documents, contracts, employee handbooks, marital dissolutions, and other legal documents. As a volunteer mediator with the Akron Municipal Court Small Claims Division for ten years, he has drafted many hundreds of mediation agreements. As a result he is highly skilled at crafting prose that complies with the law without lapsing into jargon unintelligible to the layperson.*

He has also taught mathematics at both the high-school and university levels and worked as a private tutor.

* Scott is not now in active legal practice, and Ryan Web Plus does not draft legal documents, give legal advice, or engage in legal representation.

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Lilla is a zoologist, writer, photographer, and graphic artist and designer. She holds a Master of Arts degree in zoology from the University of Oxford in England, where she grew up.

Her practical zoology experience includes a large carnivore project at London Zoo and working as an educator and field trip supervisor at the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve in South Africa. She also provided private tutoring in biology at the high-school level in England. She is currently in charge of international fundraising and donations for the non-profit cheetah preservation and breeding project Cheetah Experience, based in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Always a keen traveler, she developed an interest in photography during twenty-five years of independent travels to Italy, Greece, France, Egypt, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, and South Africa (amongst other destinations). She lived in Cape Town, South Africa, from 1998 until she married Scott in 2010.

While in South Africa, she co-founded and worked as office manager for Infomatters, a legal compliancy company set up to deal with the corporate requirements of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PROATIA) and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT), both of which dealt with the impact of the Internet on the storage and transmission of company and personal information.

She also began to apply her photography to graphic art and design, working freelance on portrait and art commissions. During her last three years in South Africa, she worked almost exclusively for Triad Signs (now Aquabrands), designing business logos and advertising material as well as becoming involved in the printing side of graphic work.

Since moving to the US in 2010, Lilla has set up Photogenic Art, a business offering digital photograph retouching and art services as well as printing in various media. You can visit that site to see samples of her graphic design work.